Monday, February 28, 2011

Look Ma, I'm blogging!

I struggled while trying to figure out a name for my blog.  Do I go with the cliche 'A Day In The Life Of...'  Do I come up with something snappy and witty?  Should I use something pretentious and philosophical that implies depth and a touch of jaded ennui?  To be honest, I created this blog without planning anything out.  A family member of mine decided to make her blog private so I had to create an account and subscribe.  I've been meaning to set up a blog of some sort for ages now anyway, so I might as well give this whole blogsphere a try while I'm at it.

Since I don't really have one specific type of subject I'd like to explore, this is probably going to end up like all of my craptacular internet journal attempts in high school - a mishmash of random musings, rants, and song lyrics.  The only difference between this and those horrible beta-blogs is that now I have a cat... and she's WAY cuter and infinitely more interesting than me so I have a 'go-to' subject when things get boring.

Since this is a first post and I really have no clue what to write about other than my daily life, I suppose I could give a brief background of who I am.  My real name is Kate, the nickname 99% of my friends use is 'Zuko,' and my new splendiforous Internet-blog-alias is Zooxie.  (Pretty snappy, eh?!)  I'm an adult adoptee who supports open records as well as left-wing-leaning politically.  I like to make up my own words and phrases that usually only make sense to me at first... until everyone else picks them up.  Craziness is actually contagious.  I live with my fantastic boyfriend who's most annoying flaw is his inability to replace the cap of the toothpaste after he's done using it and his irritating habit of being right most of the time.  My most annoying flaw is probably the fact that my first instinct is to be as loud as possible whenever possible, especially if I'm ticked off.  I'm 26 years old and STILL working on my Associates degree because I put off college for a million years and decided to take my time with it this time... Which is actually paying off because I'm running at *almost* a 3.8 GPA.  Of course, being a full time student and working means I have no social life... a circumstance that I suspect will significantly affect the interest-factor of my blog posts negatively. 

Most importantly, I am a musician.  (My current major is Music Occupations, but I plan on changing to a Music Composition Major in the next year or so)  I play several instruments - Flute; Alto, Tenor, and Bari Sax (but I don't currently own a tenor sax, sadly.  I named my bari Suze); Piano; Voice (yes, this is a real major instrument... punks); Drums (finally!); and I dabble in bass and guitar... emphasis on *dabble.*  I'm alright on bass but as far as guitar goes, I'm only good for basic chord work to accompany the songs I write.  I have been paid to perform several times, so I guess that makes me a pseudo-professional, even though performance isn't the profession I really want to go in to.  I would absolutely love to teach at a college or conservatory level.  Working with other adults (read: not high school students) to develop their skills as musicians and explore their passion is my dream job.  My heart is in composing... No matter how great you are at performing, there will always be a better player than you, but composing allows you to explore and create pieces of music that express who YOU are.  Plus, getting a degree in composition would also qualify me to teach multiple subjects at a higher level other than performance or individual lessons.

Really, the thing I am the most knowledgeable about is music, so you'll probably find me rambling on about that a lot.  (ex: above paragraph) 

One last thing you should know before we go any further than this post... I AM ADDICTED TO ELLIPSES.  I dot-dot-dot constantly... (see) as well as hyphenate and parenthesis-ate(?) all the time.  I'm sure many people will find this irritating... but I'm counting on having a few people think it is a cute and endearing trait that makes me all the more adorable! :)

So welcome to my blog and all!  Give me enough time and I'm sure I will settle into my comfy little corner of the Interweb soon enough!